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How does it work?

How EVE-Appraiser works:

EVE-Appraiser looks at multiple elements to calculate the character's value. Primarily, it looks at basic skill sheet, adding up all the learned skill points and unallocated skill points.

The base value of the character is determined by the value of 500 PLEX (cost of 30 days of Omega gametime), based on median Jita prices (currently 1,715,001,000 ISK), divided by the maximum number of SP learned in 30 days (1,944,000 SP), which is based on 2,700 SP/hr on optimal attribute distribution.

Additionally, all implant values on all jump clones are added up, as well as the injected skill values, based on weekly median Jita prices.

Lastly, a bonus is given to sec status (from -500mil to +250mil), and a 250mil bonus applied for each free remap available.

Comments & suggestions on improving the accuracy of the appraiser are always welcome, or if you encounter any problems (comments@eve-appraiser.com).

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